Tuya Zigbee Gateway.

Veröffentlicht am 8. Februar 2020 in Smart Home Systeme
3 am 3. Februar 2020

Was haltet ihr von dem Tuya zigbee gateway ?

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2 am 3. Februar 2020

Ich kannte das bislang noch nicht, habe aber gerade diesen Testbericht über das Tuya Zigbee Gateway gefunden. Kanntest Du den schon? 

Das Fazit des Tests:

“The ZigBee kit supplied by Zemismart for this test really convinced me for the cheapness of the solution, the compactness of the sensors and the stability and reliability of operation. During my tests the system did not lose a beat. The Tuya cloud is really proving to be a rock and this contributes to a very good user experience.

I would also like to remind you that the Tuya service can be added to Google Assistant and Alexa allowing you to manage everything vocally through the respective voice assistants. However, the sensors that work under gateways don’t seem to be added to the Google Assistant devices on which I tried to make them work. I reserve the right to carry out further tests to investigate the matter.”

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