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I am searching for a solution to control an existing dual white / tunable white / dynamic white LED lamp (a luminaire with one cold white and one warm white LED string).

The two LED strings are currently driven by two LED drivers for each string (each string is broken down into two substrings and one driver drives a substring with 165V 300mA CC). It would be feasible to divide the strings down into six substrings with a forward voltage of 55V each and drive them with lower voltage LED drivers (55V 300mA CC).

The current drivers have a 0-10V dimming input.

I am looking for an easy, affordable solution to wirelessly control brightness and CCT of this luminaire. The setup should comprise:

Remote control or android app to control a tunable white luminaire (brightness and CCT)
Wireless to 0-10V bridge to control the existing drivers or replace existing drivers with new drivers that can directly be controlled wirelessly.
So far I am considering these two setups:

Zigbee setup:

Android app that works with Philips Hue bridge
Philipps Hue bridge (40Eur)
2x China Zigbee to 0-10V from ebay (50Eur)
Total 90Eur, medium risk of making devices from different manufacturers work together.

Osram DALI/Bluetooth setup:

Osram Bluetooth lighting control app
Osram DALI acu bt bluetooth to DALI bridge (55Eur)
2x Osram OTI DALI 35/220-240/400D NFC TW LED drivers (68Eur)
Total 123Eur, should work out of the box as everything is made by Osram

Anyone knows something better than this?

Thank you

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