Basic Smart Home Setup Help Request

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0 am 1. November 2021

So I want a basic smart home setup for my entertainment/working space.

The Devices are:

– Tower PC
– LG 4K Monitor
– Studio Monitors
– Audio Interphase with Microphone
– Lightstrips

I have exactly one power source. I want to turn on/off everything with my smartphone in special combinations.

There are four Things I want to be able to do:

– Turning off/on light
– Turning PC, and Monitor off/on (Working)
– Turning PC, Monitor, Studio Monitors and Audio Interphase with Mic on (Creative Work / Gaming)
– Turning PC, Studio Monitors and OLED TV on/off while connecting the PC to the OLED TV (Gaming / Entertainment)

So I was thinking about connecting one eve energy strip to the power source. Also I know I need an Display Port switch to change the Screens. Eve Energy Strip has 3 places for devices. But tbh I don’t know how I am supposed to go from there. It’s pretty complicated for me tho

Do have an Idea how to achieve this?

Thank you very much

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